Monday, October 12, 2009


Well..... What can I say. I love Finland. It is absolutly amazing. Other then the weather. It's cold, cloudy, and dark, and..... SNOWING..... Well not in my city. But tonight it is suppost to. I am not happy. It is not suppost to snow until November. But, no not in Finland. But, its ok. I still love it here. This week I don't have school. We are on Holiday. Its pretty sweet. My school is amazing. I love it. I am actually able to make alot of friends. They are pretty cool. I am taking the ACT in 2 weeks. Kinda nervous. But, I know how it is going to go. So... it should be good. I am going to start applying for colleges.... oh yay! haha. Its going to be a long process. I cant believe that I am actually almost done with high school. Its unbelieveable. So crazy. But, I have to get through this year first. I know I can do it. We are going to Lapland at the end of next month for a trip. Its at a HUGE ski resort. I dont know how to ski. Oh yippy. But there is always something to do. And I am going to learn how to ski. It is going to be a blast. One last time with our ''oldies'' before they go back to their homes. Its will be hard. They are all so cool. And now they have to go. But, it will be fun. Well, Im going to go. Ill write back soon.

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