Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 months!

Moi! So it's been a long long long long time since I wrote here. Mainly because I have had so much going on. Lapland.... Was just simply amazing! We left Tampere at like 8.30ish at night. And after a long bus ride. We arrived in Muonio at about noon the next day. But, I will say. That is a bus ride I will never forget. 9+ hours of no bathroom. And the best time with my best friends. Never going to forget that bus ride. In Lapland on the first day we went skiing. That was ok. I really don't like skiing. After that we went and has some candle light dinner. It was fish soup or something. Not that great. On the next day I stayed at the hotel with one of my oldie's and we did an ice sculpting contest. After a long process we made a swan. yes... a swan. But! Against everyone else. WE WON!!! It was great! After that we had a race on these snow things. On the third day we went to a dog sled place and then rode a reindeer sled, and walked back to the resort on snow shoes. That was cool. After lunch we went to this place where the Sami people live. That was neat to see that Finland has different cultures like the US. After that we went and fed the reindeer. The next day we headed home. But not before stopping to see SANTA! haha. Santa lives in Finland.... NOT THE NORTH POLE! On the way home that was so sad. We had to say goodbye to some of the oldies. And it was very sad for everyone. Then 4 days after I got home... I moved. My move went pretty good. It was hard to leave my first family because they were like my family. And then I moved. My new family is really good too. Ive been here 1 month today. It doesn't seem like it has been one month. Christmas was good. I got the flu. Which was kinda crappy. Oh well. New year's eve was amazing. We went to a cafe and then down to the lake to set off fireworks with my exchange friends. That was really funny. Then on Monday I went to Helsinki to say goodbye to my oldies.... That was so much fun. We just kinda hung out and said goodbye. I was one of 4 newbies allowed to go. It was nice. I am truly going to miss them. I was so close with them. Well, I'm halfway! I can't believe it's almost over. This has been the hardest year of my life. And it's not even close to being over. I have so many things to do before I leave. I will be updating more since I have my laptop! So it will be better. Stay tuned. Moi Moi!