Sunday, February 14, 2010

This time around.........

It is Feb. 14th. A day where you are suppose to be with your loved ones. But, I am in a different country. Continent even, and I am not with my loved ones. I knew it was going to be hard... Since it had been 6.5 months since I have seen my family. I am a bit homesick. It may seem like it is not that hard since I am coming home in like 5 months and I have been here longer. But, it's hard. I think about home all the time. Even though there are times when I don't ever want to leave. There are always times when I want to. But, I can't. There are many reasons. But, one of the major ones is that I cannot let people who said I cannot do this be right. That is one of the major things that is pushing me through this. There were people back home that said I would not last and I couldn't do it. But, I am going to prove them wrong. I WILL not let them be right. I also don't think I could go home. This is the one thing that I wanted to do since I was little. Travel the world and live in a different country. I love it here. It is now getting dark around 5.30 or 6.00. That is a HUGE difference. I love the weather now. Just a bit of snow and light. It is the perfect thing. My Finnish is coming along. I can read and write a lot. I just have a hard time speaking. I have my Finnish test in just under 2 months. That will be a huge stress on me. But, I think that I can do well on it. I have so many things going on. My "prom" is this Friday. That will be fun since it is so different from prom back home. Then on the 22nd I have my Lynyrd Skynyrd concert with my friend from Jersey. Things that I have been waiting for. I cannot wait until those two things. They will be the highlight of my month. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, As of February 1st... I am officially half way. It is an amazing feeling. To think that just 6 months ago I was sitting in Pitt Airport about to do something that people thought I could never do. It is an amazing feeling to show them that I can last 6 months... And another 5 will be easy. I contacted my travel agent about my return. She said I can return July 1st! That is now my official date. It is so soon. It may not seem like it. But, for me it is. I still have so much to do. And so much to see. Last weekend I did a bunch of firsts.. I went and ice skated. I was really good. I was so good that I played in an Ice hockey game the same day. Then on Sunday I went cross country skiing with my family. That was so nice. Just to go out on the lake and ski. It was something that I didn't like at first. But now, I can't wait to go again. It was just simply amazing. We went to a rock island in the middle of the lake. We sat there and had coffee and pulla. And just looked at the view. It was great! This week is test week at school. Which means I do not have to go. So... I have an entire week off. And then in about 3 weeks I have another week off. And then 2 weeks later I have one off. I'm liking the Finnish system... Or is it just the ups for being an exchange student. I think both. Other than that, school is going well. I am making more friends that are younger. I'm still mad the friends I made are leaving in 10 days.... Prom is in 14 days. I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out. We have learned all of our dances. And now we are just getting ready. Everything is going to go well I think. I am always busy. Though it may not seem. I have Finnish lessons on Monday and Wednesday. Then I have soccer on Thursday and Saturday. And I have school every day. And I have to see my friends too. Jeez, I need a break. haha. No, I don't. I talked to my third family 2 weeks ago. They are very excited to be hosting me. And I am happy they are excited. They are all so nice. They want me to be there for easter. So, I will be moving April 1st. It is so soon. I can't believe I have been in my current host family for 2 months. It seems so short. I got very lucky to have 3 great host families. It is a great feeling. It is just a short time till I am home. See you all then! Moro.