Sunday, February 14, 2010

This time around.........

It is Feb. 14th. A day where you are suppose to be with your loved ones. But, I am in a different country. Continent even, and I am not with my loved ones. I knew it was going to be hard... Since it had been 6.5 months since I have seen my family. I am a bit homesick. It may seem like it is not that hard since I am coming home in like 5 months and I have been here longer. But, it's hard. I think about home all the time. Even though there are times when I don't ever want to leave. There are always times when I want to. But, I can't. There are many reasons. But, one of the major ones is that I cannot let people who said I cannot do this be right. That is one of the major things that is pushing me through this. There were people back home that said I would not last and I couldn't do it. But, I am going to prove them wrong. I WILL not let them be right. I also don't think I could go home. This is the one thing that I wanted to do since I was little. Travel the world and live in a different country. I love it here. It is now getting dark around 5.30 or 6.00. That is a HUGE difference. I love the weather now. Just a bit of snow and light. It is the perfect thing. My Finnish is coming along. I can read and write a lot. I just have a hard time speaking. I have my Finnish test in just under 2 months. That will be a huge stress on me. But, I think that I can do well on it. I have so many things going on. My "prom" is this Friday. That will be fun since it is so different from prom back home. Then on the 22nd I have my Lynyrd Skynyrd concert with my friend from Jersey. Things that I have been waiting for. I cannot wait until those two things. They will be the highlight of my month. :)

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