Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is the Life/ 7months.

This is the life. No school for a week! A time for me to relax and live it up. I had my Wanhat tanssi 2 weeks ago. That was so much fun. We had 3 dances to perform for the public. It was such a change compared to ours back home. But, it was a lot more fun here. Then we had an after-party at a golf center. It was so funny. Everyone came up to talk to me. Which is a nice change since Finnish people are so shy. So it was fun to have everyone come up and talk to me. Then on Monday the 22nd! I had my LYNYRD SKYNYRD concert!! It was AMAZING! I was front row. And it was such an experience. I would never have been able to be that close to them back home. I had so much fun with it. This week is the skiing holiday. We were suppose to go to Egypt. But, my host family decided not to. So now I am sitting on my couch. We went to some swim hall on Sunday. That was pretty fun. And tomorrow I am going to see my first host family for the afternoon! I am so excited!! I have missed them so much. Words cannot explain how excited I am. This week is going to be pretty slow I think. But, it is OK. I know I will have fun with it. Well.... I now have 4 months until I am home. I cannot believe how fast this has gone. I have been here 7 already. And it is just crazy to think that in just one month I move to my final host family. Or that in 4 months I'll be home. I am excited. Yet, I am kind of upset. I really love my life here. It is so nice to be able to live in Europe for a year. And to have host families that I like so much. I do not want to leave....

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