Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend in the country side.

Well, This weekend we went up north to the countryside. It was very diffrent then here in the city. There were lakes everywhere, and the view was amazing. We went by train on Friday to go up to the summer cottage. We left around 3 pm. and got there by 6. The train was pretty cool. I have never been on one so it was a new thing to me. It was a great ride. We get to the summer cottage and that is where I met more of my hostfamilies surfamily. They were really nice. And they had a little dog that played soccer. It was pretty neat. Then We went and had dinner. It was AMAZING! It was sometype of steak and whatnot. It was really good. Then we went back to our cabin and just kinda hung out. It was a real relaxing time. The lake in front of you and just sitting on the dock taking in nature. It was a great time. Then we had coffee and just sat and talked. It was really nice. After that we went to bed so we could be rested for the next day. I woke up to someone drumming on their stomach which was making a lot of noise. It was my hostbrother. Bored. I am not a morning person. I did not like being woke up by the sound of drumming. Then we got dressed and showered and left the cottage and went to the family reunion. I had no idea who any of these people were nor did any of them speak alot of english. So.... I just sat there until the ones that I did know and that could speak english got there. Then I had a good time. It was really nice to get to meet other people in the family. We were drinking coffee when I got my first political question of the year. It was from my host brothers cousin. She is studying english at a university and is interested in american government. I felt kind of cornered by the question. I was getting pounded by so many facts that someone didnt know the other side of the story. I didnt like this at all. I just kinda gave my side of the story and said that she was entitled to her own opinion and that was mine. After that the day went smoothly.

Sleeping. Sleeping has been ok. These past couple nights I have had dreams about home. Things I couldnt fix. But, mostly dreams about my family, this is so hard. I miss them so much. I go from seeing them everyweeked to not seeing anyone for 3 weeks. And I still have a while to go. I dont know if these dreams are just a phase or what. I dont know. All i know is that it is so hard to sleep sometimes. I hope it gets better......

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