Friday, July 31, 2009


Well these past few weeks have been ok. I called my host family today. My host dad answered the phone. He was not real sure what to say because he doesn't speak very good english. So he told me to call back in 10 mins. I called and my host mom answered the phone. Her voice was so relaxing. I cannot wait to meet her. And the rest of my host siblings.
Last night we had a final party for me and my family. I was fine until my aunt gave me a scrapbook. I turned to the second page and broke down. It was a picture of my grandmother who passed away. It was the hardest thing to look at in a while. I stopped crying and then we ate. And then the goodbye came..... I said goodbye to my grandpa... cried. Then came my cousin. It was instant tears. We are so close. She is like one of my best friends, we have gone through everything together. I love her. Then we went into the parking lot so I could say goodbye to everyone. My cousin was at work so her husband put her on the phone..... we were talking (while I was still crying.) and then she broke down. I had to pass the phone off. Then came the rest of my and my aunts were the hardest ones to say goodbye too. They are the best aunts anyone can ask for. I love them all sooo much. And I said goodbye to everyone else. I balled like a baby. I am not going to lie. Me and my family are SO close I could not stand the thought of leaving them behind. I cried the WHOLE way home. And when I got home. It was even worse. It is one of the last times I will sleep in my house for the next couple months. But, they will be the best that I can think of. I leave tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Just think of it this way, its not a whole year its on 52 Mondays!